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4-week Postpartum meal pack

4-week Postpartum meal pack

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Our new 4-week pack of ready-made meals is the perfect solution for busy mums with little ones. As a mother, your day is filled with endless tasks and responsibilities, leaving little room for meal planning and cooking.

Our meals are not just convenient, but also healthy and nutritionally balanced, making them a perfect choice for your family. With these meals ready in minutes, you’ll gain back precious hours each day, allowing you to focus more on your child, your work, or just indulge in some much-needed 'me time'.

No more rushing around to prepare dinners, and no more stress over what to make. With our 4-week pack, you're investing not just in delicious meals, but in quality time for yourself and your family.

This pack includes:

2x Organic Beef Brisket P/W

2x Organic Beef Cheek P/W

2x Organic Beef Stroganoff P/W

2x Honey Garlic Chicken P/W

2x Moroccan Chicken P/W

5x bliss balls P/W

3x Cranberry & oat slices

+ FREE DELIVERY EACH WEEK!+ Meals can be chopped and changed each week to suit your needs

We have an option to ( PAY IN 4) The first payemnt of $145 will come out apon purchase, followed by 3x $145 each fortnight.

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